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Bed Riser FAQ's

What sort of material are the bed risers made out of?Slipstick Bed Risers

The bed risers are constructed from extremely strong, high impact plastic that will give you years of reliable performance.

They come with a 5 year Full Replacement Warranty.

Each bed riser holds up to 500lb (225kg) each and has a Special Non-slip Rubberised base.

What are Bed Risers used for?

If you want to utilise the wasted area under your bed for some extra storage space, then bed risers would be a good investment.

Bed Risers lift your bed off the floor by a few inches which allows you to store things under it. There are two sizes 5" (125mm) and 3" (75mm). If you need the bed any higher than the these two sizes mentioned the Slipstick Bed Risers have been designed so you can safely fit the 3" bed riser on top of the 5'' Bed Riser giving you a total height increase of 8 inches.

What else can they be used for?
They are designed for anyone with decreased strength, endurance, balance and sleeping problems where they need their head elevated (for example, obstructive sleep apnea). Many Senior age people can fit into this category. Some people sleep better with the head elevated so they only use risers on one end.

They are also a great way to reduce falls risk as they make it easier for an aging or disabled person to get in and out of bed.

*Always seek medical advice first before using Bed Risers as an aid for medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

What I need to know before purchasing?
Height: They come in different heights. You want the mattress height to be high enough that it is easier for the user to get in and out, but not too high that they cannot touch the floor when sitting on the edge.

A good starting point is having the mattress level with the crease of the users knee. You may need to compromise if people of differing heights sleep in the same bed.

How many legs should I put the Bed Riser under?

It is recommended that you put one under each leg of your bed.

Are Bed Risers suitable for all types of beds?

Yes. As long as the leg of the bed is sitting completely inside the round indented area provided at the top of the riser foot so that it can't slip off.

Can Bed Risers be used to raise other types of furniture?

Yes. As with the previous question the legs of the furniture must be sitting inside the round indented area at the top of the riser so that it doesn't slip off.

What is the best way to clean the Bed Risers? 

Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a second cloth.

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